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Lynne Beckett

Lynne was born and raised in Oxford, England, a wonderful and adventurous university city, with historic architecture and lively arts, and surrounded by the beautiful and inspirational countryside of the Thames Valley and the Cotswold Hills.

From a young age Lynne demonstrated a natural talent for painting a diverse variety of subjects, and an interest in experimenting with various painting mediums, including oils, watercolors and pencils.

Lynne’s career as a graphic designer has benefited from her artistic talent but painting remains her first love. “Painting has always been part of my life and my family and friends have constantly been my greatest fans and supporters; helping me to develop my skills and become a better artist.”

Lynne’s introduction to painting in the miniature technique came in 1993 when she became a student of the renowned miniature artist Joan Cornish Willies, RMS. “From Joan I learned that I have a natural inclination towards intricate work. I’ve always enjoyed the detail so miniature painting fits me just perfectly. From Joan’s instruction and inspiration I have become a teacher myself and I am delighted that I have the capability to perpetuate the wonderful and historic miniature painting technique.”

Lynne has exhibited regularly in the Miniature Art Society of Florida International exhibition, Dunedin, FL, USA, the Royal Miniature Society exhibition in London, England, the Hilliard Society exhibition, Wells, Somerset, England, and the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington DC exhibition.

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